Fact 1. Long ago, their was no such thing as FD (FooDollars) or FG [FooGems] Instead, the currency was bones... It wasn't that easy to save them.

“You earned 3 bones for a Frisbee Catch!”

“You earned 1 bone for a Neck Scratch!”

“You earned 1 bone for a Head Scratch!”

“You earned 1 bone for a Belly Rub!”

“Sorry, you lost 1 bone for a Frisbee Miss. Keep trying!”

The Foopets that would remember this would be Legacy Foo's. A legacy foo would be a Pokey & it will would have no parents. Legacy Pokey Yellow Labs were the first breed ever on Foo/GoPokey, so were the oldest. Pokeys could breed but that was another thing Foo changed. There were Pokeys from other gens but there wasn't an option to breed any of them. Foos were the only ones that could breed.

Pokeys became more expensive...

There used to be a role play forum, but too many members were abusing it and being inapropriatte. Details here:

You know DrJane/DrRon? They had only had 10 friends, but he/she actually has "too many to list".

YOU CAN TELL THE REST BUT TELL ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED A LONG TIME AGO... Believe me, it turned into a not-very-nice site -sniff-